We have attended many great events – meetings and seminars marred by slow, messy guest registration and awful stick-on or pin-on name tags. We’ve even hosted many of them! We knew there had to be a better way to check guests in, so we created the Name Tag Tamer®*. Now we can warmly greet guests eye-to-eye as they walk up to one of our clearly identified boards. Our guests feel truly welcomed and they appreciate the special treatment. A nice bonus is that the system is so much easier for us too! 

Easy Event Hosting name tag organizerA few years ago, through the challenge of planning registration and name-tagging for over a hundred guests for a high-profile event, one of our team members was determine to avoid the usual bottleneck at the registration table. What came out of her problem solving was a prototype of the Name Tag Tamer. It was from there that partners Brian and Alan Stenfors helped transform the prototype from a simple felt panel to a sophisticated and multi-purpose board that is attractive and easy to transport. Now everyone can sail through event registrations while being formally greeted and attended to. 

*U.S Patent No., D645,519S

 Meet the Team

 Alan L. Stenfors earned a B.A. degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has worked in various engineering and design capacities, including product designer, tooling engineer, chief engineer, technical sales engineer and manufacturer’s representative in the plastic, metal components, custom equipment and design services arena. Alan was instrumental in obtaining patents for approximately 30 inventions for the companies he has worked for. He currently manages production details for the Name Tag Tamer and its ancillary products.


Brian D. Stenfors’ career spans over 30 years in the not-for-profit sector and has extensive experience in fundraising, marketing and communications. In the course of his career he has raised millions of dollars of venture capital from donors for the organizations for which he has worked and is currently in charge of sales and business management. Brian received his B.A. degree from Wake Forest College, Mass., his Master’s from Syracuse University and a Ph.D. from Drew University.


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