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The name tag organizing boards hold virtually every kind of badge, card and table tent. The boards and their traveling cases are made of lightweight, durable materials allowing for convenient transport, easy set up and long-lasting good looks.

How the Tamer Holds Your Badges


The name tag organizing boards are specifically designed to hold either 2¼” x 3½”  or 3″ x 4″ sized name tag badge holders. The metal clips on the back of the name tag holders then attach to the magnets strategically positioned on the boards to keep the holders in place with the help of the grooved j-channel.  This allows you to organize the name tag boards at the office and then transport them fully loaded in their carrying cases to the event site. Ready, set, go! 


All versions of the Name Tag Organizers are available (shop now)!

Special Orders

We welcome the opportunity to review special custom boards designed to meet your event and business requirements. For additional information call 805-259-3835 or e-mail

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