Hello, My Name is: Sticky Name Tag

hello my name is

Hi. I’m a stick-on name tag.

I’m fun to doodle on.

I come in a lot of colors! And, if you mess up your name, that’s ok, the people behind you will gladly wait for you to grab another and try again!

I can be very handy for small events, I’m pretty cheap and work well in a pinch – I just lay right there on the table, among all the other important information and let the guests do all the work. I can even get a group of guests all bunched up together in one place, forcing them to interact with each other – now that’s networking, am I right?

I’m sticky.

I stick everywhere – lapels, pockets, coats, blouses, button-ups, long hair, necklaces, arm hair, bracelets, watches, lanyards, fuzz, lent…I’m sticky, what can I say?

I do have to tell you – I’m a one-and-done kind of tag. I come to do the job (I can only contract 4-5 hours at a time – MAX). I cannot stick around (ha, get it?) for a multi-day event – I mean, I’m sticky, but not THAT sticky. 

The after party.

sticker residueEven though I don’t care for long-winded work affairs, I do LOVE  a good after party: dark nights, warm sudsy water, a little whirlpool movement. The tension just melts away after a long day.

I’m still there for you, even after the dip in the water, reminding you just how awesome that event was. If you really don’t want that awkward morning after, I require a stiff cup of vinegar and back rub – no exceptions. 

Some limits do apply.

I should also tell you that my edges tend to back off the job site a little sooner than I’d like them to.  Also, it’s like they are particular to certain types of surfaces – snobs, really – refusing to work with leather, suede, silk, velvet and corduroy. So, if you’re looking for an equal opportunity event name tag, I’ll have to respectively withdraw my application. 

Final thought. 

Oh, and one more thing. I don’t DO fancy. I’m more of an informal, casual type. I find those fancy types – big execs, paid speakers, board members – just don’t like the idea of sticking me to their freshly pressed suits (talk about snobs). 

So, grab a marker and let’s get this party started, shall we?

There’s a better way: 

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