FAQ 1. How does the Name Tag Tamer® work? How does the product work as a system to solve event registration problems and how is different from other products on the market?

A. The Name Tag Tamer Collection is designed to work as a system, allowing you to host your event with all of your name tag badges fully organized and alphabetized in advance. Preparing and organizing for your seminars, meetings and events is easier than ever when using the Name Tag Tamer Collection.

Composed of three different Tamer types or name tag organizing boards,  the collection is designed to be used  individually or in tandem as a system of multiple units to accommodate your particular needs – be it for a group of 12 or an event for hundreds of guests.  

FAQ 2. What are the Name Tag Tamers® made of and what is included with my purchase?

A. The Name Tag Tamers are made of a durable, long-lasting plastic material that helps to maintain the name tag organizing boards’ handsome appearance after regular use. When you purchase a Tamer of any size, included is a specially designed carrying case that keeps name tag badges in place during transit as well as a vinyl, transparent holder for alphabet labels or event signage. 

Note: Easels and name tag badges are not included. 

FAQ 3. The Name Tag Tamer® is a great event resource, how do I work around budget constraints to purchase one?

A. We understand that budgets for events can be limited, however, purchasing a Name Tag Organizer system is a wise, long-term investment that will save you valuable time and money in the long run. We suggest recycling as many name tag badges as possible after each event and are happy to review alternative arrangements to make your purchase possible.   

FAQ 4. Do the name badge boards display all sizes of name badges?

A. Yes, the Name Tag Tamers can hold any size name tag badge, but we recommend  that clients use  the 2 ¼ “ X 3 ½” or 3” X 4” name tag badges with metal clips to take full advantage of our patented magnet and j-channel system, which keeps your name tag badges in place during transit. If you prefer a different size name badge, we can work with you to adapt our design to accommodate your particular needs, if feasible.

FAQ 5. Where can I purchase the name tag badge inserts to print my names on?

A. The name tag badges can be purchased directly through Avery or through any of the larger office supply stores like FedEx,  Staples and/or OfficeMax. We recommend Avery because of the wide selection of their products as well as their template offerings for printing and producing your name tags.

FAQ 6. When using the boards, how do I welcome guests? Can they retrieve their own name tags?

A. We recommend that each Tamer  unit or name tag organizing board (regardless of size) be assigned a host. Please watch the Name Tag Organizers demo video  to learn more about this special feature. You have 30 seconds to make a good  impression, so tame your name tag badge chaos and personally welcome your guests.  Additionally, the guest, if he or she chooses, can also select their own name tag (another virtue of our name tag organizing boards) and move on to the event. 

FAQ 7. How can I use the Name Tag Tamers® to host and organize a large event for up to 500 people?

A. Please take a moment to watch our selection of demo videos as they clearly show how easy it is to use multiple large Tamers in tandem with other sized Tamers to host and organize events for hundreds of guests. This works especially well in narrow or small reception areas outside of large ballrooms or conference rooms where very large groups can be accommodated.  

FAQ 8. What methods of payment can I use to pay for my order?

A. Customers can easily place orders through our secure website at www.nametagorganizers.com. We accept all major credit cards including American Express. If a client prefers an invoice, we can also arrange payment that way as well.

FAQ 9. Once I have placed my order, how soon can I expect my shipment?

A. We can usually ship within two weeks; please contact us for special circumstances and requirements.

FAQ 10. Is there a warranty and/or return policy?

A. Yes, for details please review our warranty and return policies, which are fully disclosed in our Terms and Conditions, to ensure customer satisfaction. 

FAQ 11. Does Easy Event Hosting provide sales reps to call clients for follow up and support?

A. Yes, we are happy to follow up with clients in person. If location or timing prevents such a meeting, we are available by phone, Skype and/or a join.me virtual meeting to provide the best customer service possible.  All customers also receive our coaching videos on how to maximize the effectiveness and benefits of  using the Name Tag Tamer system for all of their events – small or large. 

FAQ 12. If something is wrong or I need help with my order or product, who do I contact?

A. If you need help or something is wrong, please fill out our contact form here;  or e-mail info@easyeventhosting.com or call (805) 259-3835. 

FAQ 13. What other benefits are there to becoming an Easy Event Hosting client?

A. Gain unlimited access to our event checklist, monthly newsletters, and proven hints, tips and tricks from event professionals. 

FAQ 14. What types of other boards and products are available?

A. Please look for Celebration Seating Boards coming soon and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for the latest updates and product announcements.






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