• Get your fundraising event organized!

    Get Your Fundraising Events Organized!

    Guest post by NameTagWizard  Want to wow all of the potential donors at your next fundraiser? Of course you do! Regardless of whether you’re just starting…

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  • Hello My Name Is Sticky

    Hello, My Name is: Sticky Name Tag

    Hi. I’m a stick-on name tag. I’m fun to doodle on. I come in a lot of colors! And, if you mess up your name,…

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  • Name Badge Organizer - Etiquette

    How Does One Properly Wear a Name Badge?

    Left, right, lanyard, under, over, guy, gal…who knew the factors involved in placing that name badge were so many. No matter how much technology moves…

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  • What’s Holding You Back at Your Events?

    Ever hosted an event and had people crowding the hallways or lobby? Ever wished there was a way to have more crowd control? Think about…

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  • Large Name Tag Tamer®

      The large Name Tag Tamer®* displays up to 66, 2¼” x 3½” name tag badges or 55, 3″ x 4″ name tag badges. Each…

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